Credits & Acknowledgements

Chasing The Moonrise and the Moonchaser Calculator were written by Richard A. Milewski.

Mary M. Milewski provided assistance in taming web technologies in the early days of the Javascript.

Aleksandr P. Milewski contributed moral support, logical and logistical assistance, as well as advanced photographic expertise to the enterprise.

The Current Lunar Phase image used in earlier versions of the Moonrise Calculator was linked from a server operated by the U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service Department.

Peter Duffet-Smith's Astronomy With Your Personal Computer (1st Edition) formed the basis for the astronomical calculations in versions 4 through 7 of the Moonchaser Calculator.

Michael Covington taught us everything we know about pointing cameras skyward in Astrophotography for the Amateur.

Chuck Gantz of Globalstar wrote the original C++ code from which the UTM conversion routines for this version of Moonchaser were adapted.

John P. Snyder's Map Projections Used by the U.S. Geological Survey, Geological Survey Bulletin 1532, US Geological Survey, 1984 was of invaluable assistance in implementing the code found on this site.

Gerardus Mercator, developed the map projection bearing his name in 1569.

Johann Heinrich Lambert invented, in 1772, the Transverse Mercator Projection that underlies the UTM grid system used for most of Moonchaser's history.

Don Cross wrote the Astronomy.js library we're using to (try to) write the next version of the Moonchaser Calculator.